Can I Lease A Car With Bad Credit?

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“Can I lease a car with bad credit?” Chevrolet of Turnersville is here to assist you! Car leases do require a credit check, so in order to get the best lease deal possible, an excellent credit score can help. This doesn’t mean that you cannot lease if you have bad credit although, as leasing can be a strong option for customers with bad credit as leases usually offer lower monthly payments than financing. Drivers from Sicklerville and beyond can find out about how they can lease with bad credit below!

Is It Easier To Lease A Car With Good Or Bad Credit?

Due to the fact that a new car lease requires a credit check, typically is is easier to lease a new vehicle with good credit. Usually it results in lower monthly payments and a lower security deposit. Bad credit may require a higher deposit and higher monthly payments. However, you will still pay less than if you take out a car loan to purchase a new vehicle.

Some Tips For Lower Lease Payments With Bad Credit

Do you have bad credit? Even if you do, customers from Turnersville and beyond are able to find excellent lease deals at Chevrolet Of Turnersville. Explore some additional tips to get the best price:

  • Look for a car within your budget to lease. Contact us to find out how much you may have to pay on a monthly basis for a particular model.
  • Review your credit score before you apply for a lease. That way you will have a better idea of your overall financial situation.
  • Put down a larger down payment. If you prepay for the first few months upfront, it may allow for better lease terms.
  • Be prepared to show several months of pay stubs as proof of income. That way your dealership knows you can afford the lease you are looking for.

Can You Lease A Car With Bad Credit At Chevrolet Of Turnersville?

At Chevrolet Of Turnersville, we have financing experts on staff who can help you qualify for a lease that works within your budget. Additionally, if you decide that financing is a better option than leasing for you, we can assist you with avoiding high interest rates on your auto loan. For more information on loan terms and conditions that come with them, call us or apply for financing online! Feel free to also stop by our dealership and talk to our lease and finance experts in person today!