How Much Is Insurance For A Chevy Camaro?

A red and Silver Chevrolet Camaro

On average, Chevrolet Camaro insurance is about $154 a month, or about $1,848 a year. This price also differs depending on location and a few other factors. Learn more about Chevy Camaro insurance and more at Chevrolet of Turnersville near Sicklerville and get your Chevy Camaro insured at a fair price.

What Factors Affect Insurance Costs?

There are plenty of factors that will change the cost of your insurance aside from the type of vehicle you own. Whether you have a Chevy Camaro or not, you’ll want to keep these factors in mind. These range from:

  • Gender and Age
  • Marital Status
  • Location
  • Credit Score
  • Profession
  • Safety Rating
  • Age of the Car

Also, be sure to talk to a couple of insurance companies to see what offers they have. You might find, based on location, that there’s a better choice somewhere else. And when it comes to insurance, you want to make sure you get the coverage you need at a fair price.

Why Do I Need Car Insurance?

Car insurance is essential as it covers your expenses in the event of an accident. It’s also legally required by the state to have coverage when operating a vehicle in Sewell and beyond. And depending on the coverage you opt for, you could save yourself medical bills and vehicle repairs for yourself and/or the other person or persons involved.

What Types Of Car Insurance Are There?

  • Liability Insurance – This is required by the law to have and covers damages to others.
  • Collision Insurance – This insurance may cover damage to your vehicle.
  • Comprehensive Insurance – Comprehensive insurance provides extra coverage in the event of an accident involving another party.
  • Uninsured Motorist Insurance – In the event you’re in an accident such as a hit-and-run, your vehicle will be covered.
  • Underinsured Motorist Insurance – This can be paired with uninsured motorist insurance to cover the costs that the other person’s insurance can’t.
  • Medical Payments Coverage – This is important as medical bills can be expensive. Having this insurance means you’ll be covered.
  • Personal Injury Protection Insurance – Personal injury protection insurance may cover certain medical expenses and loss of income resulting from a covered accident.
  • Gap Insurance – Once you leave the lot, your vehicle depreciates. This coverage is enough to cover the gap between what the car is worth and what’s left to pay on it in the event of a total loss or theft.

Learn More With Chevrolet Of Turnersville

As mentioned above, there are a lot of insurance options. Have questions? Ask our finance department. Our team is standing by to help you get the coverage you need and more. Contact Chevrolet Of Turnersville to learn more or to get behind the wheel of a new Chevy Camaro, or find out how much a Camaro monthly payment costs today.